Tips for her three secrets of natural pink skin care, safe and effective

You are not confident about your skin, you are looking for ways to improve your skin to become whiter. Just remember the following three simple tips, you will easily conquer the dreamy natural white skin. This is a shared experience from myself.

1. Train and rest properly

In addition to having a healthy diet, she also doesn’t forget to train and rest properly to conquer the natural white and pink skin:

Getting enough 7-8 hours a day

Getting enough 7-8 hours a day: Melatonin is a hormone produced from the pituitary gland in the central nervous system that helps the body feel sleepy. Melatonin not only has strong antioxidant properties, but also helps to sleep, promoting bright white skin from within. In addition, a deep and sufficient sleep helps balance skin, revitalize and absorb stronger nutrients. Since then, collagen and elastin will be regenerated to make skin full of life.
Keeping the spirit of comfort : Stress is one of the main causes of weakening the skin protection barrier, making the skin more susceptible to inflammation, pimples and dehydration, long time the skin becomes rough, easily burnt, old chemical …

Exercise: Exercise at least 30 minutes / day with gentle sports such as running, cycling, yoga … to increase blood circulation, nourish healthy skin cells. At the same time, sweat poured out during practice will eliminate toxins and dirt to help skin clean and healthy.

2. Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition

A reasonable diet will contribute to improving and nourishing natural and healthy white and pink skin from the inside. Specifically, she should focus more:

Fruits: Fruits such as oranges, lemons, apples, pears, bananas … contain a lot of vitamins A, E, B3, C … capable of preventing oxidation, slowing down aging and the formation of dark spots on the skin. In addition, scientists have shown that vitamin E and C also help protect the skin from the attack of radiation from the sun.
Green vegetables: Green vegetables are a good source of vitamins and fiber, helping skin to protect, recover damage due to environmental impacts, and whiten from inside. If she fears the amount of sugar in fruits will affect her strict diet, green vegetables are the perfect choice.

3. Nourishing skin with safe products

Shirohada skin care products of Japan

In addition to the above-mentioned living habits, to get natural pink and white skin , do not forget to choose for yourself a safe white product with friendly ingredients like Arbutin and Tranexamic acid… These are the two white balm ingredients that are highly appreciated by experts thanks to their ability to inhibit the formation of melanin pigmentation, causing darkening of the skin, brown spots and incenses, thereby helping the skin turn quickly…

Experts also note that in order to effectively whiten the skin, she needs to choose products with natural skin care ingredients such as: Tanaka bark, Japanese camellia … which have sun protection effect. , both moisturize and smooth skin from inside.


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