A few simple methods to help treat the eyes bring a confident, radiant appearance

If you want to remove dark skin under the eye effectively, you must have an eye treatment that best suits you. The following simple and applicable treatments for dark circles under your eyes will help you regain your bright and full of natural vitality.

Method 1: Get enough sleep and rest your knee when sleeping

Getting enough 7-8 hours a day

Sleep and fatigue are the most common causes of dark eyes. Not only do they make the skin around the eyes look dull, pale and make the blood vessels under the skin clearer, but also facilitate the accumulation of fluid causing puffiness. Therefore, if you want to treat your eyes effectively and completely, you need to make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

Besides quality, sleeping posture also plays a very important role in the treatment of dark circles because if you do not sleep correctly, you will hinder the process of blood circulation, making dark circles and puffiness appear more. To overcome this problem, you can create a habit of elevating your head with pillows and lying on your back when you sleep. It will prevent the buildup of fluids from it, which will help you prevent and improve your deep eye treatment.

Method 1: Sunscreen, retinol, skin lightening product

Remove makeup

When you have too much exposure to the sun without protection, the skin around your eyes will produce more melanin, resulting in dark circles. That is why careful shielding and sunscreen use is considered a necessary treatment for the eyes and can effectively improve the problem. Of course, because the eye area is very fragile, you need to use the product gently and avoid applying it too close to the eyes. Also, try to avoid direct exposure to the sun for too long, especially when the UV rays are as strong as the afternoon.

To enhance the effectiveness of dark circles, you can use skin care products around the eyes that can improve and brighten the skin. If your problem stems from the fact that the skin under the eyes is too thin, choose retinol because it has the ability to stimulate collagen production which affects the skin texture and reduces dark circles. In the case of hyperpigmentation cases, the use of products containing vitamin C, kojic acid or licorice extract … will be a suitable treatment for the eyes and the best effect. However, because these ingredients will make the skin sensitive to the sun, if you treat dark circles under this method, be sure to apply sunscreen every time you go out.

How to treat the eyes 3: Cut salt, alcoholic drinks and drink enough water

shampooing with salt + kali alum

In addition to external influences, lifestyle is also one of the reasons that can contribute to the formation of dark circles in the eyes. Therefore, eliminating bad habits, forming good habits is the way to treat the eyes deeply which can give you the longest effect.

– Cut down on salt consumption: salt can increase the flavor of the dish but it also causes the body to retain water thereby causing puffiness and eye fatigue.

– Limit alcoholic beverages: unlike salt, alcohol causes your body to become dehydrated. This will cause the skin under the eyes to become sunken and become duller.

– Drink enough water: this is the easiest and most effective way to treat your eyes. It will provide water to prevent body water retention as well as lack of water to help you stay away from puffiness and treat dark circles more effectively.

Method 4: Supplementing foods rich in vitamin C and iron

Supplementing foods rich in vitamin C and iron

Supplementing foods rich in vitamin C and iron is a way of treating the eyes from the inside that you can easily apply at home. If iron deficiency can be the cause of problems with dark circles, vitamin C is the solution that helps the body produce more collagen to improve and keep the skin around the eyes always moist, healthy and not dark. In other words, the addition of these foods has the effect of both improving and preventing eye condition quite effectively.

Some foods rich in vitamin C: bell peppers, guava, kale, strawberries, broccoli, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, grapefruit, lemon …
Some foods rich in iron: red meats, pork, poultry, seafood, beans, spinach, raisins, apricots …

Method 5: Applying natural therapies

Applying natural therapies

How to treat eyesight from natural materials has the advantage of being quite easy to implement, safe and effective but it will also require you perseverance and Apply regularly to get satisfactory results. Therefore, if you want to treat dark eye bags by this method, you should not be rushed but choose for yourself the most suitable material.

Some ways to treat the eyes with natural ingredients:

Green tea:

contains many antioxidants and caffeine, so it can stimulate blood circulation, shrink blood vessels and limit the accumulation of liquid under the eyes. You can use green tea to apply directly to the area around the eyes or replace it with a bag of tea that is kept in the refrigerator.


capable of moisturizing, reducing swelling, astringent and making the skin around the eyes brighter to improve dark circles. You can use cucumber juice to smooth over the skin around the eyes and massage gently. If you want to reduce swelling quickly, use a few slices of cold cucumber to apply to your eyes.


effective for lightening skin and improving dark circles quite effectively by containing an enzyme called catecholase. Similar to the use of cucumber, you can crush or apply sliced ​​potatoes directly to the eyes to treat dark circles.
Oils, essential oils: castor oil, geranium essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil … all can prevent and treat eye problems quite well so you can use them to massage the area. skin around the eyes.

The natural ingredients are quite benign but you still need to try the reaction before using, especially with the delicate skin like the eyes.
Treating your eyes with natural therapies can also make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so make sure you use sunscreen regularly.

Want to improve ‘panda eyes’ effectively, in addition to treating the appropriate eye, you need to be really persistent and hardworking. Thus, the treatments for dark circles at home can be used to help you regain your youthful and radiant appearance.


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