Reveal 5 ways to treat endocrine acne from nature

Share with you 5 tips from the Millennium specializing in treating hormonal back acne extremely effectively…

1. Treating endocrine acne with sea salt

shampooing with salt + kali alum

This is nice, many people have much less back acne due to bathing with water mixed with sea salt. Sea salt has a high antibacterial properties, which can kill bacteria that cause acne. Use in a short time you will see the effect of salt. But remember to apply moisturizer after bathing to avoid dry skin.

2. Treat endocrine acne with oatmeal


Oatmeal is great because it can absorb oil and bacteria on the skin very well, removing stains in pores. The barley contains saponin, an anti-aging skin, which makes skin smoother. The good news is that barley treat acne very well.
You can puree the oats and mix them with water to bathe for 5-10 minutes, then bathe with clean water 2 times / week.

3. Treatment of endocrine acne with fresh lemon

grapefruit essential oil

These are familiar materials in the kitchen. Lemon has an antioxidant content and has high antiseptic, anti-aging properties and especially can remove dark spots.
You can use lemon to rub lightly on acne-prone skin, lighten for 10 minutes and then bathe with water again. However, this method should not be used more than 2 times a week and should not be used with sensitive skin. The skin after using lemon will be easily sunlit, so you must go to the street carefully to cover the sun.

4. Treating endocrine acne with tea


tree oil Tea tree oil has antibacterial effect that can fight inflammation and exfoliate, especially the pole is effective for acne-prone skin.
You will use tea tree oil to treat endocrine acne by diluting the product with water and using cotton or a thin towel lightly to your back to help reduce acne. Use the see effect effectively.
You should note that all 4 methods above only help you reduce acne, but also for the occurrence of the end of endocrine acne, you must use 1 of 4 above methods in combination with taking medicine to balance the internal The treatment will cure all acne.

5. Thien Hoa Thao endocrine acne of THYHAPY.

Thien Hoa Thao endocrine acne of THYHAPY

So the 5th method will help you completely end up with endocrine acne or maybe acne in the face or in the buttocks, it is recommended to use the pill to treat Thien Hoa Thao endocrine acne of THYHAPY. With this method, you only need to drink and drink for 2-3 months, the acne will be reduced almost.


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