Extremely beautiful use of banana peels

Acne treatment

Acne treatment If the inflammation or acne is red, use the inside of the banana peel to rub the skin for a few minutes and then rinse. Repeat twice a week. Or, Before going to bed, […]

11 reasons why you eat so much and still be thin?

Fit girl eating healthy

There are many people, using all methods, but the weight still does not increase, eating like a flagship is still thin. It turned out to be inferior and inferior to its appearance. You go on […]

Tips for her three secrets of natural pink skin care, safe and effective

Getting enough 7-8 hours a day

You are not confident about your skin, you are looking for ways to improve your skin to become whiter. Just remember the following three simple tips, you will easily conquer the dreamy natural white skin. […]

Clean “little girl” with dilute salt water properly, Sharing experiences…

vaginal hygiene with salt

The female’s vagina is a very sensitive area, vulnerable to external influences. Therefore, cleaning the private area to clean and safe is also something you need to know to protect your own health. Below I […]

Top 5 best health monitoring wristbands

Xiaomi MI 2 smart bracelet in black

Smart bracelet is currently the most popular health monitoring technology product today. The product not only possesses a stylish and modern design but also integrates many utility functions to help measure blood pressure, monitor heart […]

Discovering smart sports bracelets Gear Fit2

gps sports band gear fit2

Possessing big differences compared to the common ground of the smart sports bracelet with health support, Gear Fit2 easily names himself in the position of leading this potential market. Design dynamic, youthful The biggest difference […]

Cure chronic throat inflammation

Is curing the Tops. The root cause is allergic nasal sinusitis (allergic nasal sinusitis, tonsillitis, long-term inflammation of the throat). What is chronic pharyngitis? According to the Western medicine: Strep throat (chronic pharyngitis). Manifestations of sore […]

Drugs to prevent and treat sore throat / sore throat effectively

The time of the season, sudden weather changes will make you susceptible to cold and sore throat. The following simple ways will help you quickly eliminate this discomfort: Some good tips on how to treat […]

Gynaecological disease: I had a white epidemic the fungus or mild inflammation

Question: Hi everyone, I’m 23 years old. I had a white epidemic for a long time and also went to a gynecological examination. There is a place where the fungus is said to have mild […]

Identify to distinguish anal anus from hemorrhoids

Anal interstitial is like a disease, it is a common anal condition. In front of expressions similar to Hemorrhoids, many people mistakenly identified them. The following article will help you better understand anal interstitial cracking, […]