Diet helps keep the shape of French women

In order to keep the body slender, girls often prioritize eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and exercise according to their preferences to maintain their physique and perform some of the following healthy habits:

Control the diet

Control the diet

control The control of French girls’ diets is often quite tight. They always pay attention to the food in each meal and divide the amount of nutrition appropriately, avoiding the situation of being filled with one meal. 76% of French women prepare meals at home to control oil, salt, sugar and preservatives, limiting unnecessary energy.

Eating more snacks

In addition to controlling diets during the three main meals, French women have a habit of eating alternating snacks. They eat a little pastry with tea or coffee so the body doesn’t lose energy.

Physical movement

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French women often advocate for various activities and do not place weight on weight loss. They walk, ski, climb, paddle, play tennis … to enjoy life.

Eat lots of vegetables

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French people love vegetables, especially girls. They often eat fruit salad and supplement a variety of processed vegetables.

Enjoy meals

Instead of applying harsh diets to keep fit, French women choose to eat comfortably and carefree to enjoy their meals. They think it is important to distinguish between good and unhealthy foods.

Wish you keep your shape successful


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