11 reasons why you eat so much and still be thin?

There are many people, using all methods, but the weight still does not increase, eating like a flagship is still thin.

It turned out to be inferior and inferior to its appearance.

You go on searching the top without looking at the original part, that is, we will not find out why we are so skinny?

Listen to anyone who likes to drink weight gain to buy and drink immediately. After drinking without gaining any weight, it turns to hate life forever.

Fit girl eating healthy

Here I list out 12 reasons why you can not eat and gain weight forever, do you see any evidence.

Just treat the original for a good taste, and then it will be easier to apply weight gain!

1. Because the digestive system is not good.

If your digestive system is not good, that’s why nutrition is not absorbed, doesn’t synthesize nutrients, how can you gain weight, you can see if you have a lot of indigestion, What is stomach pain, colon?

If so, treat these diseases, then the weight gain will be easier.

2. Refusing to purify the body.

Fried foods are cooked at high temperatures, they produce a quantity of toxins, plus air and alcohol pollution.

They become toxins that build up in your body, which is why you have a hard time gaining weight. Almost everyone has this cause.

If you want to gain weight or lose weight, you should purify your body by drinking the juice of dark green vegetables and restricting the introduction of harmful substances and people.

3. Unbalanced nutrition.

Many friends “want to” want to gain weight quickly, so whatever they eat, think that eating a lot is gaining weight.

You must ensure 4 groups of substances: protein, starch, fat and vitamins.

These 4 substances are balanced, so you can gain weight sustainably.

4. Due to excessive abuse of weight gain pills.

Medication is a double edged sword, it only makes you gain virtual weight, it only accumulates water and fat in you. makes you gain weight temporarily.

Out of drinking is a slump immediately.

Do not want to gain weight fast but drink too much medicine, it will cause side effects that make you suffer from other diseases too.

5. Lazy exercise.

Regular exercise

Thin people think that exercising is only for fat people to burn fat, actually exercising regularly helps the body enhance its resistance, promote metabolism.

Excess toxins that will help you gain weight more easily.

6. Refusing to eat plant proteins.

Many people criticize food from plants such as tofu, soybeans, bean sprouts, algae and mushrooms.

These dishes provide a rich source of protein, plant-derived protein, so it is easy to digest and help muscles. more easily absorbed Animal protein, will help you gain weight more easily.

7. Eat too much fat.

breakfast with bread

Parents and grandchildren kept seeing their descendants urging them to eat more animal fat. But they do not know that eating a lot of fat is very difficult to digest, it will interfere with the digestive process and also cause digestive diseases, animal fat when cooked at high temperatures produces a lot of toxins to eat. only more and more.

8. Eat too much.

Everyone thought that it was going to be fat, wrong, man.

Any surplus will also become redundant.

Eating more than just the nest makes the digestive system overwhelmed, causing you to lose the balance of the microflora leading to poor absorption, indigestion.

Causing indigestion makes you feel tired or sick.

Only eat and fill.

9. Do not drink enough water.

70% of your body is water, which promotes the body’s metabolism. Lack of water will lead to poor communication, not enough to synthesize food from your body.

Not every 1.5 to 2 liters of water is enough, not exactly where you are, the secret for you is to take your body weight x with 0.04, which will produce the amount of water you need to drink.

For example 70kg X 0.04 = 2.8 liters. standard

10. Lack of sleep.

keep your youthful youthful skin forever

Good sleep is a trend of young people, when climbing a bed and taking a phone to press, it makes you attracted to it and forget the time.

This causes extremely bad effects on your body, causing your body to become worn out quickly.

After 11 pm, try to sleep so your body can rest. When the body is healthy, all the absorbing exchange activities will take place more smoothly.

11. High energy transformation.

The expression of the high-energy metabolite is that their skin will always feel warm when they touch it.

When active, many people will consume energy very quickly compared to people with cool skin.

This is also the reason why it is difficult for you to gain weight.

Above, I have synthesized 12 reasons why you do not increase your weight.

You consider what causes you, if you go ahead and use every measure, you will not gain any kilograms?

Then it leads to cost, cost you, and effort but still be thin. Then turned to hatred for life no more.

When you find the cause and improve it, then use the measures, the ability to gain weight will be much easier.

Good luck.!



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